Food and wine are the ultimate Italian duo. Food can enhance your wine and wine can enhance your food. Although your personal preference should always be factored in, there are some wines that simply just taste better with certain foods based on popularity and years of research. Wine Pairings are important to Italian Cuisine and Italian Culture. Back in the Roman period, it was said by Pliny that Italy had an abundance of vineyards, more than other countries. Wine was important back then because Italians believed it was a relaxing way to wind down, much like today.

Wine Pairings and Italian Cuisine
There are some factors to consider when it comes to choosing your wine: flavor, body, and aftertaste. The flavor of your wine should match the intensity of the meal’s sauce. A rich sauce, like a lobster sauce, will be thick and dense, better to go with white wine. White wine pairs well with light meat and fish, as well. Red wine pairs with red meat, due to the equal fat content. The body of your wine is the wine’s weight. A rich or thickness of wine is a good way to measure it weights. Feel it out on your palate so you can decipher if the wine is full-bodied, medium-bodied, or light-bodied.

Amazing Wine and Cuisine at Carpaccio

  • Carpaccio & Barbera Costa Di Bussia, 2015 – Slices of raw beef, onions, capers, lemon, and mustard creates a flavorful bite, perfect to pair with our red wine. The beef paired with our Barbera Costa Di Bussia, 2015 cleanses your palate, while each flavor maintains to accentuates the other. A perfect appetizer and a great match for our wine!
  • Linguine Alle Vongole & Pinot Grigio Barone Fini, Valdadige, 2016 – Linguine with warm bianco cream, fresh clams, Rossa tomatoes, garlic, and our Pinot Grigio accent each other with the wines floral, yet lemon taste. A crisp aftertaste from the white wine pairs effortlessly with fish and white sauce. The bright acidity of the wine accents this dish. A must try for pasta lovers!
  • SCALOPPINE DI VITELLO CON FUNGHI & Super Tuscan, Modus, Ruffino, 2014 – Veal Scaloppini with flavorful mushrooms accents the red wine’s dark fruity flavor. Thick and silky wine with a dark berry edge. It’s a full-bodied wine that tastes great with dark meats and bold dishes!

We will welcome you with familiar faces into the warm and dramatic award-winning interior by designer Pat Kuleto. Carpaccio offers an array of seating options, including window tables. When the weather is pleasant the window walls recede and diners in this area enjoy the open-air garden ambiance. The beautiful setting pairs with our beautiful wine! Check out our menu.