Italy is a place with wonderful food, beautiful views, and people who will welcome you with open arms. If you’re new to the different types of cuisine that different regions of Italy have, you’re in for an amazing surprise. While you can find Italian staples like pizza and tortellini all over the country, there are certain regional staples you need to try out while traveling.

Northern Italy: Overview

This region is known to use less of the Italian classics, such as olive oil, pasta, and tomato sauce, and have a heavier focus on butter, rice, corn, and cheeses for cream sauces. There are exceptions to this rule, which includes the famed olive oils of Liguria and the Lakes region that are greatly incorporated into dishes. Pasta is included in foods in this region, however, it has to share the spotlight with delicious risotto and polenta, which are staples in this region.


While Gnocchi is widely associated with Northern Italy, many different variations and forms can be found all over the country. The base ingredients will depend on where they’re being made and can include anything from a wide range of vegetables to the classic potato, as we use in our Gnocchi Alla Bolognese.


Carpaccio is a traditional Italian dish that was based on a Piedmont
dish called “Carne cruda all’Albese.” The dish is made up of beef, sliced paper thin, and is usually garnished with a sauce depending on where you are. Our Carpaccio dish is topped with mustard, lemon, onion, and capers.


There are two types of Prosciutto, baked and cured. To make the perfect ham, it takes the best pigs eating the best food in order to get the best possible taste. Each different type of prosciutto has its own taste and aroma, which is why it has become quite the art form. Prosciutto can be found in many different dishes, such as our Tortelloni Al Prosciutto.

While these are just a small taste of the types of cuisine Northern Italy has to offer, Carpaccio’s can help you experience our unique interpretation of Northern Italian taste that you’re craving. Our lunch, dinner, dessert, and wine menus have a wide variety of different dishes and flavors that everyone will love. Stop by today for lunch or dinner, or visit our website to browse our entire restaurant. Can’t get enough? Make sure you like our Facebook page for more updates!