Think about the best Italian dish you’ve ever had; we hope your answer is that it was enjoyed at Carpaccio. Italian dishes are known for their bold flavors, authentic homestyle taste, and cheeses. While creating an authentic dish at home is certainly feasible, it can be time-consuming and can leave your kitchen in disarray. While the professional staff at Carpaccio has always tried to create the safest dining experience for our guests, our indoor dining area is still limited so getting Carpaccio’s to enjoy at home is a great alternative.

COVID-19 took and continues to take a major toll on small restaurants. Local restaurant owners have been struggling to keep their doors open.  At Carpaccio, we have worked diligently to remain open, and to preserve this wonderful 33-year-old restaurant in this community has always been our number one goal.

The staff at Carpaccio appreciates our loyal customers and look forward to having them dining inside once again albeit with limited capacity, for now, celebrating birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and just seeing their friends. Until that day, here are some options off of our menu to consider!


  • CARPACCIO – slices of raw beef, onions, capers, lemon, & mustard
  • CALAMARI FRITTI – fried calamari & lemon with creamy Caesar & roasted pepper dipping sauces
  • BRUSCHETTA SAPORITA – grilled sourdough bread with tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and basil


 MARGHERITA – fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, garlic & basil

  • CALZONE DELLA CASA – sausage or meatballs, ricotta & mozzarella with marinara sauce
  • SALMONE AFFUMICATO E CAVIALE – smoked salmon, golden, black & red caviars, with dill & onion creme fraiche


  • CAPELLINI AL POMODORO E BASILICO – angel hair pasta with tomatoes, basil & garlic
  • GNOCCHI ALLA BOLOGNESE – potato dumplings with meat sauce
  • TORTELLONI AL PROSCIUTTO – stuffed pasta with prosciutto, cream & peas

These are just a few of the many choices available to order at Carpaccio! We also have an extensive Special menu, both of which are on our website www.carpaccios.comWhether you choose pick-up or delivery, ordering to-go is a great way to help support your favorite restaurant. Ristorante Carpaccio opened for business in Menlo Park, California, in 1988 and is happy to announce that San Mateo County guidelines are allowing restaurants to open for limited capacity for inside dining as well as maintaining our outside bistro dining. Coming soon will be Carpaccio On the Alley – currently under development.  Throughout the past 33 years, countless neighbors in our community have celebrated birthdays, graduations, holidays, farewell dinners, date nights, Girls Night Out, business lunches as well as regular escapes from life as we saddled up to the bar to enjoy a glass of wine in between errands. A new addition to our bar is our Bourbon (32 to choose from) and Tequila collections.  Come help us keep our dream alive today! Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook!