Being healthy is at the center of countless people’s lives, and there are endless ways that our population chooses to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Some may think that a frequent exercise routine is the best way to get them in the shape they want. While we’ll never argue that a run around the block or spending time on a treadmill has its advantages, a surefire (and satisfying) way to be happy and healthy is to eat a nutritious diet of Italian food.

Wait a minute…eat Italian food? You may be thinking to yourself, “You live in a dream world!” There’s no way that pasta, often smothered in cheese and sauce, is going to help me achieve my…make achieving my health goals!”

It’s true what they say: “Those who eat well, eat Italian.” But what people may not know eating well not only translates into eating dishes filled with rich and crave inducing flavors but eating well also means looking out for your health and well being. Here are a few ways that Italian food translates to healthy food.

It Uses Olive Oil and Tomatoes

Olive oil and tomatoes are two essential ingredients that make Italian cuisine irresistible for both our appetites and our waistlines! According to the Food Network, tomatoes contain plenty of vitamin c and the antioxidant lycopene, together these can significantly boost heart health and provide protection against prostate cancer. Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, which help lower a person’s ‘bad’ cholesterol.

It is Rich with Fiber

While it may not be the first thing you think of when Italian food pops into your brain, fiber-rich vegetables and grains are critical components to an Italian menu. Fiber can regulate the digestive system, can stabilize blood sugar, and can lower cholesterol.

It Incorporates Garlic

Not only does garlic taste amazing, but it also has substantial health benefits that will make your next Italian meal equally tasty and healthy! The Food Network explains that garlic offers antibiotic and antifungal properties, which can lower the risk of breast, colon, stomach, and throat cancers.

We’re sorry if reading this blog article made you crave a heaping bowl of fettuccine, or immediately dream of the ingredients for the perfect lasagna. But hey, at least now you know that you can enjoy your favorite cuisine while still making your health a priority. If hunger has suddenly hit and only Italian food can satisfy you, there’s one place you should be tonight. Come to Carpaccio at 1120 Crane Street in the heart of Menlo Park, or call to reserve your table at 650-322-1211.