You quickly pause your Netflix episode when you hear the doorbell ring, it’s the pizza you ordered and you can almost smell its heavenly aroma as soon you see the car pulling up. Your pepperoni pizza has arrived! There are dozens of choices when it comes to pizza toppings and they keep evolving, have you heard of macaroni and cheese pizza? If you haven’t, it’s a thing. Pizza places are popping up all over the place, touting unique combinations and toppings you might have never thought of. However, few things are as synonymous to American culture as the simple and iconic pepperoni pizza. Just why has this classic remained a champ throughout time and what is the history of pepperoni? Read on, we bet your mouth will start to water! Ready to order? Carpaccio is here and happy to satisfy your craving!

What is it?
When you think of pepperoni do you immediately think of the beautiful rolling countryside of Italy? If so you are not alone, but you are wrong. In fact, pepperoni is as American as baseball and apple pie. Pepperoni is actually the Italian word for large bell peppers and no Italian salami exists with that name. Traditionally, this favorite topping is created by combining and mashing pork and beef. The meat is cured and seasoned with peppers, garlic, fennel, or mustard seed and stuffed into a casing where after the process it is sliced. Today, all beef pepperoni remains the most popular choice. Pepperoni can either be sliced thick or thin depending on preference.

Spice Spice Baby!
It is said, if you up the heat factor when it comes to pepperoni it’s more reminiscent of the true forms of spicy salamis that originated from southern Italy. Just like its counterpart, sausage, not all pepperoni is created equal and the taste and spices vary depending on how it’s made.

Toppings that Complement Pepperoni
While you can’t go wrong with plain mozzarella cheese and pepperoni pizza, there are certain toppings you can choose that will accentuate and maybe revolutionize the unique flavors of pepperoni. Try adding vegetables such as peppers or mushrooms to enhance the flavor of your pepperoni, or even simple onions are a great choice. If you enjoy the sweet and savory combination, try adding pineapple with your pepperoni pizza.

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